Skills release notes: May 2022

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

New home layout

Now you can find what you need faster on a redesigned home page (opens in new tab). All your favorite content is still there in a new two-column layout that makes it easier to navigate the page and find the right content.

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Leader releases

Managing add-on licenses

Plan admins can now allocate add-on licenses at a user level. User-level authorization helps you control costs while providing these features to those who need them.

The following plan add-on licenses can be assigned with user-level authorization:

  • Labs and sandboxes

Multiple team assignment

Learners can now be assigned to multiple teams. Combined with nested teams, this allows you to create a multi-level team structure that more closely resembles how your organization works.

Skill level breakdown

Plans with advanced analytics now have a new Skill level breakdown visualization in advanced skills inventory analytics. This visualization offers enhanced insights into how your team members’ skill levels have changed over time.

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