Skills release notes: November 2018

Tags: Skills

Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


You now can search channels in your channels list (opens in new tab). You can also sort channels by recency or alphabetically by name.


If you’ve followed an author, you might see a notification icon in the top-right area of your Skills experience.

We’ve also started monthly notifications if you’ve watched a lot of content in a certain topic in the past month. This notification offers to add that topic to your interests, so we can make recommendations better for you.

Please note, notifications are only in-browser, not available on mobile or offline apps.

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Leader releases

You now can search channels in your channels list (opens in new tab): search by channel name, owner, or objective. You can also sort channels by recency, alphabetically by name, or even group the channels by objective.

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Mobile and offline apps

MacOS and Windows offline players

  • You can download courses to the offline player from your browser.


  • Precise Resume: You asked, we listened. Now when you leave a clip, you can pick up from near the same point later, as long as you're resuming the course on the same device.
  • Made accessibility improvements to the sign-in screen and home screen.

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