Skills release notes: November 2023

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


Now you can view and modify your interests from a new widget on your profile. Click Add interests to choose which areas you want to focus on during your upskilling journey. This helps us recommend content relevant to your interests.

Skill IQ

Now you can re-measure a Skill IQ more often. Retakes now unlock after 14 days, helping you skill up and measure your progress even faster.


Search history

Now you can see your search history when you click on the search bar, helping you quickly find content relevant to you.

Author search

When you search for an author, now you’ll see details from the author’s profile above the search results.

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Leader releases


Updated Users & Usage report

Now you can see more detailed analytics for your users on the updated User detail dashboard. Details are broken down by content type and include a separate card for each content type, including:

  • Skill IQs
  • Video courses
  • Roles
  • Labs
  • Tech Foundations
  • Interactive courses
  • Projects

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