Skills release notes: October 2023

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

Skills and ACG integration

The first phase of updates to integrate the Pluralsight Skills and A Cloud Guru platforms has been released. See integration release notes to learn what’s changed, and visit the Integration hub for all things related to the Skills and ACG integration.


Now you can reorder the sections on your profile. This means you can rearrange your profile to prioritize information you’re most interested in seeing. Or, if your profile is public, you can move your proudest accomplishments to the top.

Click the three bar icon next to a section’s name and drag the section to where you want it to appear on your profile.

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Leader releases


For analytics reports with a Select teams filter, CSVs now group all teams per individual user to reduce discrepancies when team aggregating data outside the Skills platform. And CSVs now download faster, saving you time and efficiency.

Content analytics

The Content analytics report now has a Content type filter, a Subject column, and the ability to download separate CSVs for each content type your organization uses. This makes it even easier to focus on the data important to you and your team.

Users & Usage analytics

The Users analytics and Usage analytics reports have merged and are now called Users & Usage. All data previously found in the two reports can now be found in the updated Users & Usage analytics report. This updated report reduces redundancy and makes getting your data more streamlined.

DataPreviously foundNow found
Top five usersUsers report: Top five users visualizationUsers & Usage report: First five entries in Users table with default sorting by Usage time
View time visualizationTop of Usage reportTop of Users & Usage report
Date-specific usage dataUsage report: Usage tableUsers & Usage report: Overview—set both the start and end dates to the same date in the Date filter
Usage CSVUsage report CSV download buttonUsers & Usage report CSV download button

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