Skills release notes: September 2020

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


Now you’ll see a new pop-out filter by Search. This helps you select multiple content types to find the courses you want.


New to Skills, Webinars are led by a Pluralsight author and a speaker. You can search and filter for them on the Skills platform.


Paths has a new left-hand navigation which will help you find topics and vendors. You can even see if a path leads to a certification. 


Now you can see indicators within your Skill IQ tiles on your Profile. Indicators include showing unfinished Skill IQs and available retakes.


Now assessments are versioned when questions need updating. The assessment will remain in beta until it has been updated. See a complete list of retired and versioned assessments.

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Leader releases

Draft custom roles

Draft custom roles (Enterprise plans only) are now separated out into their own tab on the Roles page (opens in new tab), helping you find roles you’re creating faster.

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Mobile and offline apps

Windows offline player

Now you can choose which closed caption language to download your video courses with. If you change your default caption language later, all your downloaded video courses will update to have the new caption language.


Now you can set up notifications to remind you to skill up with Pluralsight in the Android app. From your home screen, go to the ••• options menu in the upper right corner, then tap Settings and use the toggle to enable Reminder to learn notifications. You can customize what days and times you’d like to receive a notification reminding you to skill up.

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