Spot check

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Who can use this?

Spot check allows team leads to view users’ work patterns over a period of time. Use this pattern to quickly identify areas where a user’s activity is abnormal. 

If you are a team lead or manager, you can use Spot check to:

  1. Quickly view individual work patterns over time

  2. Identify activity that doesn’t fit the usual pattern

What can I view in Spot check?

Spot check shows four metrics to help you view your users’ activity. 

  1. Days since last non-trivial check in shows you how many days have passed since the last non-trivial check in. You can also compare this to the typical number of days that pass before check ins. Typical is indicated for each user in the graph. This metric excludes merge commits, minor edits, and weekends.

  2. tt100 productive is the amount of time it takes an engineer to write 100 productive lines of code. Learn more about tt100

  3. Churn rate is the percentage of code an engineer rewrote. Learn more about churn.

  4. Technical debt focus is the percentage of work spent on legacy refactor and tech debt. 

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