TAKE 3 frequently asked questions

Question: How do I enter to win?

Take three unique skill assessments on Pluralsight between January 8 - February 18, 2018. Every three unique skill assessments is an entry, and you can enter up to 3 times (9 unique skill assessments). 

If you're a Pluralsight subscriber, click here for all skill assessments available.

Please note, only US residents are eligible to enter this sweepstakes. Please read our sweepstakes terms for complete details.

Question: What if I scored low and I want to take it again?

It's rewarding to see progress, especially after studying and gaining mastery. If you took a skill assessment prior to January 8, you can take it again and that retake will count toward the 3 assessments you need to enter.

However, if you took a skill assessment between January 8 - February 18 and then re-took the skill assessment within the same time period, this only counts as one skill assessment toward the 3 assessments per entry, because they are not unique skill assessments.

Question: When are the prize drawings? How will I know if I've won?

The first drawing for a DJI Mavic Pro Collapsible Quadcopter with DJI Drone UAV goggles will take place on or about January 22, 2018.

Check back to see the great prizes coming up! The next drawings will be February 5 and February 19. 

Question: How do I know I've entered?

Any time you take a Skill IQ assessment between January 8 - February 18, our system automatically records your entry. Additionally, if you don't win our first round (ends January 21), your entry automatically counts for the next round, and if you don't win our second round (ends February 4), your entry still automatically counts for the final round (ends February 18).

Please see the full terms of the sweepstakes for complete details.