Taking a Skill IQ

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All Pluralsight account holders have access to Skill IQs. While plan admins can't assign skill assessments to users on group plans, they can invite users to get their Skill IQ.

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Note: Skill IQ is only available on a web browser.

Finding and taking a Skill IQ

You can discover Skill IQs from several locations across the platform:

  • The Skill IQ page (opens in new tab). Think of this as your home base for everything Skill IQ. Under Discover, you’ll find Skill IQs for new areas of technology. Choose one that’s adjacent to your existing skill set or branch out into a completely new field altogether. The Skill assessments will quickly help you discover both your proficiencies and the areas to focus on for rapid improvement. Under Focused Learning, you’ll find your Skill IQ recommended content. These suggestions allow for quicker learning, allowing you to focus on your gaps
  • The Paths page (opens in new tab). Click the Skills tab in the Paths page and choose a path labeled Get your Skill IQ. Pluralsight Skills paths are designed to prepare you for the Skill IQ in that subject. Once you’ve selected a path, click Measure now to take the assessment.
  • The Search results page. Use the search bar to enter your search terms. On the search results page, click the Skill IQs filter under Content Type to see all available Skill IQs.

Note: Some paths may be associated with a certification exam, rather than a Skill IQ. That's because skill paths are focused on learning a specific skill while certification paths are focused on helping you prepare for a certification exam.

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Giving feedback

After you take a Skill IQ, review your answers by clicking Check your answers. Provide feedback on the questions by clicking Give feedback below the question you’re reviewing.

Already taken a Skill IQ and want to re-measure? Check out our article on re-measuring your Skill IQ to learn more.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.