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The Team details page allows you to see specific team related details that is not found on the Teams management page. Find an overview of what can be found on the Team details page below.

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Team details

The Team details page will allow you to take the following action items:

  1. Edit the team name, description and image.
  2. View and manage users on the team.
  3. View and manage nested teams.
  4. View and make changes to the team's view rights.
  5. Subscribe the team to a calendar.
  6. Remove (delete) the team.

Edit the team name, description and image

On the Team's detail page, click the Edit link next to the team's image. You will see a modal where you can edit the team's information.

  1. Change team image.
  2. Team name
  3. Team description
  4. Remove or add a parent team
  5. Adjust team view rights

View and manage users on the team

Under this section you can add and remove users on the team.

  1. Search for a user and add to the team.
  2. Nested users - toggle this feature from "hide" to "show" to see all users including users in nested teams.
  3. Change individual user's view rights for the team.
  4. Adjust a user's membership type for the team. Contributors metrics will be included in team metric calculations. Viewers will be able to see the team, but their contributions will not be included in the teams metrics.
  5. Remove a user from the team.

View and manage nested teams

On the Nested Teams tab, you can view any nested teams.

  1. Add an existing team to be nested.
  2. Enable or disable the teams from appearing in your report filters.
  3. Move or rearrange the nested teams.

View and make changes to the team's view rights

Manage the team's view rights on this tab. Any new user you add to the team will inherit this view right if the user is set to inherit.

Note: The three lines indicate that the view rights will be inherited from the organizational level view rights (if this is a parent team) or from the parent team if this is a nested team.

Subscribe to Calendar

On the Calendar tab, you may add, remove, or edit calendar subscriptions for the team.

  1. Click the Subscribe to calendars button to subscribe the team and nested teams to existing calendars.
  2. Use the Actions dropdown to unsubscribe teams from calendars.

When you click the Subscribe to calendars button, you will see the following modal.

  1. Use the search to find existing calendars.
  2. Select Also Subscribe Calendars to Nest Teams to include the nested teams in the subscription.

Remove (delete) the team

Clicking the trash icon will delete the team and any nested team. If you do not want to remove the nested teams, you will need to move them out of the parent team before proceeding. After clicking the trash icon, a pop-up will appear giving you similar instructions.

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