Tech Foundations course details

Each Tech Foundations topic has a course details page. This page contains valuable materials to supplement Tech Foundations learning, such as study guides and transcripts.

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Accessing a topic's course details page

To get to a topic’s course details page:

  1. Navigate to the Tech Foundations program page (opens in new tab).

  2. Click a topic. This will open the topic details page.

  3. Click the video thumbnail. This will start the video.

  4. Click Exit Course on the right of the screen if the table of contents is toggled expanded.
    Click Exit on the right of the screen if the table of contents is collapsed.
    Both options will open the course details page.

Table of contents on video player

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Study Guides

Study guides are supplemental PDFs that are designed to help learners review content from one of the topic video courses and prepare them to take the corresponding assessment. Each study guide contains key insights, challenges and concerns, and benefits and opportunities for the topic covered along with a glossary of key terms.

A study guide can be used before, during, and after viewing the course video. It can also prepare learners for the topic assessment.

Downloading a study guide

Navigate to the topic’s course details page to begin. See Exercise files for instructions on downloading a topic’s study guide as well as troubleshooting tips.

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Learners have access to the full transcript of each topic on the topic’s course details page under the Transcript tab.

Use transcripts to search for keywords or to review material. Click the Transcript links toggle to turn the headers of the transcript into links to the associated clip.

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