Ticket events API

Tags: Flow

A ticket event represents a state change within an issue-tracking system lifecycle.

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Supported request

Get a list of ticket events: https://flow.pluralsight.com/v3/customer/core/ticket_events/


iddoubleUnique identifier for a ticket event.
user_alias2_iddoubleUnique identifier for a secondary user alias associated with a ticket event.
user_alias_iddoubleUnique identifier assigned to an user alias.
created_atstringDate and time a ticket event was created.
paramsstringParameters for a ticket event.
ticket_iddoubleUnique identifier for a ticket.
to_statestringCurrent state of a ticket event: N/A, Defined, In-Progress, Completed, or Accepted.
vendorstringName of the issue-tracking system.

Example response

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