Tickets API

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A ticket is a specific issue filed by a user within an integrated issue-tracking software application.

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Supported request

Get a list of tickets:


iddoubleUnique identifier for the ticket.
titlestringTitle of the ticket.
bodystringThe ticket details.
numberstringThe ticket number.
statestringThe state of the ticket: N/A, Defined, InProgress, Completed, or Accepted.
vendorstringName of the issue-tracking software.
urlstringURL of the ticket.
closed_atstringDate and time the ticket was closed.
closed_by_iddoubleUnique identifier for the user who closed the ticket.
created_by_iddoubleUnique identifier for the user who created the ticket.
project_iddoubleUnique identifier for a project.
typestringTicket type.
parent_numberstringNumber of parent ticket.
comment_countstringTotal number of comments.
created_atstringDate and time the ticket was created.
updated_atstringDate and time the ticket was updated.
assigneesstringAn array of people assigned to the ticket. Filter-traversable object.
commentsstringAn array of ticket_comment_id values for the ticket. Filter-traversable object.
activity_levelstringHow active the ticket is, indicated by low, medium or high.

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