Train Simple


Why did Pluralsight acquire Train Simple?
Pluralsight acquired Train Simple July 2016.  We are excited to work with the Train Simple team on expand our coverage of Adobe technologies including Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and more.  Also, with the ...
What's the plan for getting Train Simple integrated with Pluralsight?
We are still working out the details of the integration of Train Simple and Pluralsight, so we appreciate your patience. Right now, we are working on migrating Train Simple's content library to to make it available to all Plural...
For Pluralsight or Train Simple users, will I get charged anything extra?
No immediate changes have been made to Train Simple's subscriptions, except we are no longer offering lifetime subscriptions.  We will update the pricing information on Train Simple’s site, and we will make sure to communicate these c...
How will my "Lifetime Train Simple" subscription work moving forward?
If you are a Train Simple customer who purchased lifetime access, you will be contacted shortly with options to access content. Moving forward, Train Simple will no longer be offering lifetime access.