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Trends shows your team’s recent activity trends during a release cycle. View the productivity of your team in a sprint by sprint view or a month by month view.

Who can use this?


What can you do with trends?

As a team leader or manager you can:

  • Quickly get an overview of your productivity metrics

  • Use trends in sprint retrospective meetings for a complete picture of your teams’ productivity

  • Quickly see how your teams’ productive work compares to rework

  • Use alongside Project timeline to understand the velocity and work focus over each release cycle

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How do I filter for my teams’ trends?

To view your team’s trends, first set the filter to the teams, users, and time period you want to view. Learn more about filtering reports. Once your filter is set, view your trends in the trends table. 

  1. The bar graph provides a quick overview of how your teams’ productivity compares to rework.
  2. This is the date range selected in the filter.

  3. The productivity metrics capture productive throughput, raw throughput, and efficiency rate 

Note: The Trends report does not capture outlier data. Learn more about outlier detection.

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How do I view productivity metrics?

The productivity metrics table provides a quick overview of your team’s productivity. 

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