Troubleshooting Flow integrations

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You may experience difficulties when trying to establish an integration between Flow and your git or ticket vendor. These issues are often easy to resolve once you identify the source of the problem. Use this article to understand initial troubleshooting steps you can take for various integration issues before reaching out for additional help.

Note: Most issues with integrations detailed here and elsewhere involve incorrectly set permissions for the service account used to connect to Flow. Refer to the integration article for your specific vendor to ensure you’ve set up your service account to have the correct permissions in your vendor.

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Authorization errors when connecting

Tip: If you’re experiencing general issues getting Flow to connect to your vendor after you input your credentials, try setting up the connection in an incognito browser. This avoids conflicts with any existing authenticated sessions with your vendor, which may restrict your ability to connect with Flow.

  • If you receive an Authorization denied or Authorization failed error:

    • Confirm you’ve entered the correct credentials.

    • Confirm there are no extra spaces before or after any usernames, passwords, or access tokens.

    • Confirm your base URL is correct.

  • If you receive a message saying An error has occurred:

    • Ensure your email and base URL are correct, if used.

  • If you receive a message saying the account is already in use:

    • This service account may be used for a different integration or in a different Flow plan used in your organization. Reach out to Support for help removing it from other accounts.

  • If you receive an error mentioning two-factor authentication:

    • You must use an authentication method other than username or password to connect to the vendor.

    • If connecting to BitBucket, you may be able to create an app password to continue using username and password for your connection.

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Connectivity issues

Sometimes, you may not be able to connect to your vendor, even after resolving the above issues. This is particularly common if your vendor is self-hosted. 

  • If your vendor is behind a firewall, make sure you’ve allowlisted the required IP addresses over port 443.

  • Ensure you have public DNS resolution. Your domain must point to a public IP address so Flow can connect to it.

  • Ensure your domain has an SSL certificate signed by a public certificate authority.

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Missing groups, repos, or project settings after integration

Once you’ve successfully connected your integration to Flow, most issues are marked by missing data. This is usually in the form of groups or repos you can’t import or missing ticket project settings.

No groups appear in the Repos tab of the integration page

This almost always indicates that the service account has insufficient permissions to access the data, so Flow has no visibility into the desired groups or organizations.

In a related issue, you may see only the personal groups or organizations of the user who set up the integration, and not the groups or organizations of the company. This not only indicates insufficient permissions, but also may indicate the integration isn’t currently using a service account. If possible, update your credentials to those of a service account and verify that the permissions of that account are sufficient.

Refer to the integration article for your specific vendor for more information on required permissions.

Repos missing from Available tab

If you notice a repo missing from the Available tab on the Repos page:

  • Check whether auto-import is enabled for your integration. If it is, the repo is likely already imported. Verify this by searching for the repo in the Imported tab.

  • Confirm that the service account has all required permissions. Some permissions are project-specific. The repo may also be part of a group or organization not visible to Flow. Refer to the integration article for your specific vendor for more information on required permissions.

  • Check whether the repo is public or private. Flow can’t  import public repos unless the service account is either a member of an organization that owns the repo, or the service account is a contributor on the repo.

Unable to set ticket type assignments for Jira ticket projects

The most common post-integration issue for Jira ticket projects is the inability to set ticket type assignments during ticket project configuration.

This indicates the service account has insufficient permissions. Ensure the service account has the Create issue permission to resolve the issue. Learn more about Jira permissions.

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Information to share when reaching out to Support

If you’re unable to resolve your specific issue, or are experiencing an issue not listed in this article, reach out to Support for assistance. To simplify troubleshooting, make sure your ticket includes:

  • A description of what troubleshooting steps you’ve attempted and their result.

  • A screenshot of the permissions the service account has in your vendor.

  • The version number of your vendor, if using a self-hosted vendor.

  • The name and URL of the repo, group, or project you’re experiencing issues with.

The more information you can share, the quicker Support can identify and resolve your specific issue.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.