Troubleshooting Flow on-premises

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Log gathering

The default log directory is /opt/gitprime/logs but will instead reside in /<data_dir>/logs if you are using a custom data directory.  To assist in troubleshooting you can archive and export the contents of this log directory manually.

First SSH to your server and change directory to your logs directory.  Then execute a command like the following to create a compressed archive of the log files.  Finally, copy the log archive off the server with SCP or whatever method you prefer.

#SSH to server

ssh -i "/path/to/sshkey.pem"

#Move to log directory

cd /opt/gitprime/logs

#Bundle last day of logs, use sudo as needed:

sudo find . -mtime -1 -type f |xargs tar -cvzf logs.tar

#From your local workstation, scp over the log tar:

scp -i "/path/to/sshkey.pem" /where/to/put

Troubleshooting connectivity to Git Servers

No network connectivity

It's always a good idea to check for network connectivity before anything else. To test this we can use curl.

$ curl -k -v

Untrusted SSL certificate

A common cause of connection problems is an untrusted SSL certificate. If you use an internal CA or intermediate CA the CA certificate will not come with the system and needs to be installed. To test this we use openssl:

$ openssl s_client -connect

Authentication problem

Be sure to double check that your credentials are correct and that the account you are using has the necessary access level. Test by logging in on the Git server and/or pull the repo locally:

$ git pull username:token@

HTTPS blocked or disabled

If you are seeing pull requests in Flow but not commits then most likely HTTPS is blocked or not enabled on your Git server. Test this by pulling a repo via HTTPS and not SSH.

$ git pull username:token@

Troubleshooting  connectivity to SMTP server

  • No network connectivity
  • Unsupported connection type
  • Authentication problem

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