Troubleshooting: Accepting a group plan invite

If you did not receive your invitation, check your spam folder.  Please make sure you do not have any rules that would route emails from to your spam folder or immediately delete the email. Next, please contact your internal plan management to confirm  that you were invited into the plan.

Our group plan invitations will give you a one-time-use link to join the plan.  If you were able to initially access Pluralsight with that link, please make sure you are logging in through our main site or

Error 1: "Oops Looks like there's a problem..."

Possible causes:

  • You've received multiple invitation emails and you're trying to accept an old one.
    • Solution: Locate your most recent invitation and follow the instructions inside. Each re-issued invitation invalidates the previous one, so the newest invitation has the only active link.
  • You've already accepted your invitation and you're trying to sign in again using the invitation link. 
  • Your invitation was issued more than 45 days ago. 
    • Solution: Ask your internal plan administrator/team manager to reissue your invitation. Invitation links expire after 45 days.
  • Your internal plan administrator or team manager canceled your invitation. 
    • Solution: Ask your plan administrator or team manager to reissue your invitation.

Error 2: "Sorry! We are unable to set up your company subscription..."

Possible cause:

  • Your existing account is tied to another group plan or an active individual subscription, which prevents you from joining the group plan. You can see your account status on the Subscription & Billing tab on your Account page here.  
    • Solution: On that same error screen, you can click the Request support button, and you'll receive an email from with instructions for the next steps. If you've already navigated away from the error page, email us at

Error 3: "Personal email is already associated with another account" or " Username is already associated with another account."

  • Solution: Sign in with your existing account's credentials.

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.