The Unity Game Development: Swords and Shovels limited-access subscription, is a collection of four paths carefully selected by Unity and Pluralsight.

What courses are in the Unity: Swords and Shovels subscription?

Pluralsight teamed up with Unity to teach game development skills through a limited-library subscription. You can purchase this subscription through Unity. Paid Pluralsight subscribers already have access to these courses.

Unity hand-picked over 30 video courses for you to explore, organized in four  paths. These paths will teach you the essential tools and skills you can use to create fantastic games and help you harness the power of Unity. Plus, you can take a Skill IQ associated with each path before you start, to find out your current level in each area. 

You can take a look at these paths even if you aren't logged in:

After you've completed each path, take each of the four Skill IQs again to see how your skills have grown. In addition, taking all four Skill IQs will get you your Unity Game Developer Role IQ.

To access more of the Pluralsight library, learn about a full subscription here.

How do I activate my Pluralsight subscription through Unity?

Once you choose the Swords and Shovels path through your Unity purchase, you’ll receive an email from Unity inviting you to Pluralsight. Click the link in this email to create your Pluralsight account and activate your Swords and Shovels path in Pluralsight.

You’ll receive access to Swords and Shovels through your monthly Unity subscription.

If you decide to upgrade to a paid Pluralsight subscription, you can get access to thousands of expert-led courses. Click here for details about individual Pluralsight library subscriptions

Why do I have to create a Pluralsight account for my Unity subscription?

To watch the Swords and Shovels courses, you need a free Pluralsight account. This requires your email address and a password. 

Creating an account allows you to store your progress. This also allows you to use the same Pluralsight features that an individual subscriber can access.

If you decide to upgrade to a full Pluralsight subscription, you can keep your entire course history, Skill IQ history, and channels.

Can I upgrade to an individual Pluralsight subscription with my Unity purchase?

You can upgrade to an individual Pluralsight subscription at any time, and this is separate from your Unity purchase. 

Purchasing an individual Pluralsight subscription separately will give you full access to Pluralsight’s library. You'll still have access to the Swords and Shovels courses, in addition to thousands more expert-authored courses.

If you want access to more Pluralsight content, you can sign up for a free 10-day trial, or upgrade to an individual subscription to get access to our full course library. You can also purchase a Premium Pluralsight subscription to get access to interactive courses, projects, and certification practice exams.

If you decide to upgrade to a Pluralsight subscription, please contact Unity to cancel your Unity Swords and Shovels subscription before upgrading.

How do I cancel my Unity subscription for Pluralsight?

If you decide to cancel your Unity Swords and Shovels subscription, please contact Unity.

If you have any issues or questions about the courses themselves, you can contact support at support@pluralsight.com.

If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.