Unreviewed PRs

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Unreviewed PRs is the percentage of merged pull requests that have no comments or approvals from non-submitter reviewers, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.

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Which reports use Unreviewed PRs?

You can see Unreviewed PRs in Submitter fundamentals, Review Collaboration, and Player card.

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What does Unreviewed PRs measure?

Unreviewed PRs tells you what percentage of your PRs don’t get reviewed.

In an ideal world, PRs aren’t merged without being reviewed. Even if they’re small or made by senior developers, they can be a huge source of bugs for you.

If you don’t have a policy in place to make sure PRs get reviewed, every time a PR is merged without review, a manager should know about it.

You should drive this number toward zero and be aware of the rare instance when a developer feels the need to drive code straight from their laptop to production without getting it reviewed.

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How is Unreviewed PRs calculated?

Unreviewed PRs is represented as a percentage.

Unreviewed PRs is calculated by the number of merged pull requests with neither a reviewer comment nor an approval, divided by the total number of merged PRs.

It is rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.

This calculation is the same whether calculating Unreviewed PRs for an individual, a team, or an organization

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What data is included in Unreviewed PRs?

A pull request is counted toward Unreviewed PRs as long as it is merged. It does not matter whether it’s merged from one feature branch to another or is merged into the main branch.

Pull requests are not counted toward Unreviewed PRs if:

  • they are created by a user who is excluded from reports

  • they are created by a hidden user

  • they are an excluded pull request

  • they are from a deleted repository

Comments and approvals are not counted toward a review of a PR if:

  • they are excluded

  • the user making the comment or approval is excluded from metrics

  • the user making the comment or approval is a hidden user

Note: If a comment or approval is made after the PR is merged, that PR is considered a reviewed PR. User view rights and permissions also impact how specific users see Time to merge.

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