Updating Flow Enterprise

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Before You Begin

Before upgrading you should backup your database using your company's approved backup technologies and procedures.  For more information, please see Backups.  Replicated does not currently allow us a way to backup the configuration settings configured in their console.  Before you begin the upgrade procedures, you should be sure that you have all the settings, certificates, and credentials stored in a secure location where you can access them if recovery is needed.

Warning: Please ensure at least 15GB of free space is available on disk before attempting to update.

Updates for the Standard Install

For customers that used the Standard method of installation, updating Flow Enterprise is a very simple process.  To get started, simply login to the Flow Administration Console (see Configuring Flow Enterprise) and go to the dashboard.  In the center tile of the dashboard, you will find information about your Flow Enterprise installation.  To check for new updates, click Check Now.  For information about available updates and previous update history, click View Release History.

Clicking on View Release History will take you to the release history screen.  This screen, shown below, shows you a list of previously installed releases, as well as any new releases that are available for installation.  Clicking Install on one of those releases will run you through the update process and restart the application.

Airgapped Installations

For customers that used the airgapped method of installation, the upgrade process is only a little more complicated.  Since the server cannot contact the required software registries and APIs for the update, we need to get the update file to the server.

Step One: Download the Update

You will have been given a download link and a download code for downloading the airgapped update package.  You should follow the link you have been given and enter the password you were provided on the screen below:

Once you have entered your password, you will be provided with a list of packages to download.  Always choose the package at the top of the list, as it will be the latest version, unless you have been told by customer support to do otherwise.

Step Two: Upload the Update to the Server

During the Airgapped Installation process, you should have created a directory to hold update files.  You should transfer the file you just downloaded to the server and place it in that directory.

Important: Make sure the file is set to have permissions 0644 or above.

You can verify the correct directory by going to the administration console and browsing to the console settings menu:

Once you are in the Console Settings page, you will see a section called Airgapped Settings.  It will contain an Update Path setting that shows the directory currently being monitored for updates.

Step Three: Check For Updates

Now that the file is in place, you can check for updates.  Simply browse to the dashboard of the Administration Console and click Check Now.

If the system detects the new update file, you should see an option to go view and install the update.  At this point you can follow the same instructions outlined in Standard Updates above.

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