Updating renamed ticket projects from Jira

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When you rename a ticket project in Jira that you already imported and configured in Flow, Flow can no longer find that project when looking for ticket updates because it uses the original project name to check for updates. All previous data remains in Flow and your project continues to be listed as imported, but no new data will appear in your reports and metrics.

Users often notice this issue when they stop seeing new ticket data from specific projects being imported into Flow, but the integration data status for the integration itself is healthy.

Tip: If you see a failed status for your project on the Ticket projects page with an unexpected error, that’s a good sign to check if the project was renamed recently.

To resolve this issue, you must delete the impacted project, then reimport it once your data is fully removed.

Important: Do not delete, remove, or edit your integration. You only need to delete the project that has been renamed. Deleting more than necessary will result in lengthy processes to reimport your data and extensive work to reach parity with your previous data.

To make it easier to reconfigure your ticket project, take note of the ticket project configurations for this project. Take note of all settings and mappings. This lets you easily recreate configurations once you reimport the project.

To delete and reimport a renamed project.

  1. Go to the integration page for the Jira integration this project is imported in.

  2. In the tickets tab, search for the project you want to remove.

  3. Click the toggle in the import column to delete the project. The toggle should be gray and to the left.

  4. Wait at least 24 hours for the data to fully be deleted before proceeding. If you try to reimport your project too soon, the deleted project with the incorrect name will be restored.

    Note: Usually project deletions occur much quicker than 24 hours, but in some cases do take the full time. Waiting the full 24 hours provides a buffer to ensure any delayed deletions are complete.

  5. Once 24 hours have passed, return to the ticket tab of the integration page. The impacted ticket project should have the updated project name from Jira. Click the toggle in the import column to import the project. The toggle should be green and to the right when you finish.

  6. Go to the Ticket projects page and configure your ticket project. Learn more about ticket project configurations.

    Important: Wait until the Configuration status column on the Ticket projects page is Automatically configured and the Configure column says Edit configuration before trying to configure your project. If you configure the project too early, data may not process correctly.

  7. Use the information you gathered from the previous ticket project to configure the new project.

  8. Check to see if you need to complete any user merges to ensure ticket metric data is attributed to the correct users.

Once Flow fully processes the configurations for your new project, you’ll see new ticket project data in your reports.

Tip: Ticket log shows the last processed date in the upper right corner. Make sure the last processed date is after the time you finished the configuration of your reimported project before looking for your updated data.

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