Updating Replicated

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Updating Replicated is a fairly simple process.  Replicated provides information about how to do updates. It is important to remember, however, that Flow Enterprise utilizes the "swarm" version of Replicated.  Because of this, the instructions from the Replicated website must be slightly altered.  The sections below illustrate how to upgrade Replicated for both the standard and airgapped installation methods.

Before You Begin

Before upgrading you should backup your database using your company's approved backup technologies and procedures.  For more information, please see Backups.  Replicated does not currently allow us a way to backup the configuration settings configured in their console.  Before you begin the upgrade procedures, you should be sure that you have all the settings, certificates, and credentials stored in a secure location where you can access them if recovery is needed.

Standard Installation Updates

Customers that used the Standard installation method have servers that are able to reach the Internet to download updates and installer scripts.  If you used this method, updating replicated is as simple as executing these two commands:

curl -sSL -o install.sh  https://get.replicated.com/swarm-init

sudo bash ./install.sh

Once you have successfully executed these commands, you should consider rebooting, or at a minimum restarting the docker engine.

Airgapped Installation Updates

Customers that utilized the airgapped installation method will have servers that cannot use the Internet to download updates.  In this case, the update steps are slightly more complicated.

Step One: Download the Replicated Installer Bundle

Replicated makes the airgapped installer bundle available on the internet here.  You should download this file and transfer it to the server you wish to install Replicated and Flow Enterprise on.

For the purposes of this document, we will assume you have put this file in "/tmp/replicated-installer/replicated.tar.gz" on the server.

Step Two: Decompress the Replicated Installer Bundle

Login to the server and change directories to the location where you placed the compressed Replicated installer bundle.  For example, "/tmp/replicated-installer".  Once you are in the directory with the file, execute the following command:

tar -xzvf replicated.tar.gz

This command should place several files into the directory.

Step Three: Execute the Swarm-based Replicated Installer

The bundle will have created several files when it was decompressed.  Contained in this bundle is the "swarm-init.sh" file.  This file will install Replicated in the airgapped mode. Execute it as follows:

bash ./swarm-init.sh airgap

Step Four : Restart the Engine

Once you have successfully completed the upgrade, we highly recommend you restart the docker engine or reboot the server.

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