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Usage analytics is a set of data that gives you an overview and breakdown of your team's viewing history and usage. Usage analytics covers video courses and does not include projects or interactive courses. Usage analytics is in real-time and will show instant data upon refresh.

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What you can do with usage analytics

Usage analytics is powerful in its ability to present you with relevant data pertaining to how much activity is happening within your team and at such a focused view. With how granular the data can be presented, usage analytics can help you:

  • See average daily view times for video courses within your team
  • Find the trending learning days, weeks, or months for your team
  • Gain a broad understanding of how your team is interacting with video courses
  • Spot how many of the licenses purchased have taken a course

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Overview of usage analytics

To get started, log in to your Pluralsight Skills account and click on Analytics using the left pane navigation. Next, click on Usage from the top center panel.

Alternatively, this report is accessible from your main dashboard landing page under Overall Usage.

  1. The overview section gives you an at-a-glance view of your teams overall usage. You can find how many unique users have taken content as well as the totals and average view time of course videos. 
  2. The overall usage graph shows you the daily, weekly, or monthly usage trends. This gives you valuable insight into peak and low times in which your team is engaging with content. Highlighting a particular point will give you view time totals for that time stamp.
  3. The report download can be filtered to pull data within a 30 day, 90 day, 12 months, all-time, or custom timeframe. If you have multiple teams on your group, you can always filter between those. You can learn more about the report download below.
  4. Use the Select Teams filter to search for teams or select the team(s) you want to view. Use the checkboxes to select or deselect teams. Deselected teams will not show in analytics even when the parent team is selected. To view unassigned users, make sure all teams and parent teams are deselected.
  5. This set of data works as a supplement with the usage graph above. Where the graph works as a visual to your teams' usage, the granular data set helps you see more clearly the way your team trends in regards to using and taking content.

Tip: You can use the time frame toggle at the top to change the view and data intervals. Last 30 days will give you a daily view, last 90 days will give you a weekly view, and last 12 months and all-time will give you a monthly view. Use the custom option in the date range filter to select a specific date range.

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Usage analytics report download

The report download gives a breakdown of your teams' usage trends and totals.

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Common questions

How long does it take for usage analytics to show on a report?

Usage analytics is in real time! Typically, it can take a just a few seconds to update.

What users are included in the report?

Any individual that has ever been in your group will be shown in the analytics data.

You can still view the analytics of individuals who used to be on your plan, but have been removed. To view removed individuals' analytics, use the filter to select All time. Every user who has been on your plan will appear in this report.

Someone on my plan shows 100% completion of a course, but the view time doesn't match. How can that be?

A couple of things could've happened:

  • The person on your team could have clicked through the course which will show completion but a small viewing time.
  • They could've watched the courses at a faster speed.
  • The could've re-watched portions of the course.
  • They could've watched the course on another group plan then completed on the new group plan.

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