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Business analytics

On the Analytics page, you can find the following dashboards and reports showing your learners' progress and usage of the Pluralsight platform.

Explore your company's business analytics through the Pluralsight app or by downloading CSV reports to do even more with your data.

Certifications and exam preparation

Pluralsight helps you to prepare for industry certifcations, including PMP®, CompTIA, and many more. To support your path to certification, we provide curated certification paths, Kaplan certification practice exams, and certificates of completion that can be used for certain continuing education credits.

Pluralsight courses that are geared towards certifications will be identified by the exam number in our library. Pluralsight offers more than exam preparation. Pluralsight experts typically cover more than what is required for the exam, because they concentrate on the skills or topic that is outlined on a certification syllabus.

We do not offer any guarantees that you will pass your exam. Since our service is self-paced and we do not assess your comfort with the material, when you take the exam, passing is up to your results.

Once you are prepared, you will have to register and pay for the exams on your own. For most vendor certifications, you can find the closest testing facility and register for the exam through or If you do not see your test here, we recommend you look at the vendor's website.

If you cannot find a certification or have any additional questions on certifications, please contact us at

Mobile players and offline viewing

All paid subscriptions can download courses for offline viewing (free trials cannot download courses). You can find our Mobile App links and our Offline player here on our Downloads page.

Plan and team management

How to add learners, team managers, and plan admins to your team

Invite learners

Create teams

Create team managers

Create plan admins

Profile, history, and account

On Pluralsight, you have three areas to see what you've learned, update your personal information, and manage your subscription. You can access these from the top-right of the Pluralsight web platform.