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Certifications and exam preparation

This category contains information about certifications and continuing education programs Pluralsight is authorized for as well as guidance related to certification preparation. Feel free to explore one of the categories below to learn more!

Mentoring for individual subscribers

Mentoring allows any individual Pluralsight subscriber to connect with an expert for help on a specific project or challenge. Read more about it below.

Note: For group plans, please refer to our Mentoring for group plans section.

Mobile players and offline viewing

All paid subscriptions can download courses for offline viewing (free trials cannot download courses). You can find our Mobile App links and our Offline player here on our Downloads page.

Profile, history, and account

On Pluralsight, you have three areas to see what you've learned, update your personal information, and manage your subscription. You can access these from the top-right of the Pluralsight web platform.