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How to add learners, team managers, and plan admins to your team

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Plan admin: Evaluate with analytics

Business analytics allows you to evaluate the technology skills of your organization’s teams, align learning to key business objectives, measure how your learners use Pluralsight, examine trends in skill development, and quantify the impact of our platform. The plan administrator dashboard is a great place to start learning more about how your organization is using Pluralsight. To get an even deeper look into analytics, visit the analytics dashboard

Check out these 3 analytics guides to get started:

  • Skills analytics can be used to view quantified skill levels for learners across your entire organization, so you can identify top performers and help others close the gap.
  • Users analytics shows a comprehensive listing of all learners and the time they have spent learning on Pluralsight.
  • Courses analytics gives a glimpse into individualized usage for each active member of your team. Through usage data and completion rates, you can spot where your learners have engaged with content and if particular courses are being used more than others.

Common questions about business analytics: