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Pluralsight’s macOS desktop app allows you to watch video courses, download content for offline viewing, and access many of the same Skills features found in the web browser and iOS app. Check out our downloads page (opens in new tab) to download the macOS desktop app.

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With an active Pluralsight Skills subscription, you can download up to 30 courses per device for offline viewing on the desktop app if your device has the available download space.

Before you begin downloading and viewing courses with the macOS desktop app, please ensure the following:

Click Search at the top of the left-hand menu to search the Skills library. After searching for a keyword, click the tabs below the search bar to filter your results for video courses, paths, authors, or guides.

On the left-hand menu, click Browse to discover new releases and recommended content. This page is also where you can find conferences, paths, and certification prep courses.

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Downloading and removing courses

There are two ways to download courses for offline viewing in the desktop app: within the app, or from a browser.

In the app

Find a course you want to download from the Home page, Browse, or Search in the left-hand menu. Click a course to view the course details page. To download the full course, click Download.

Tip: To download individual modules within a course, go to the Contents tab of the course details page, click the ••• options menu to the right of the module, and click Download.

From a browser

Important: You must be logged in to Skills to download from your browser.

Go to the course details page of a course you want to download. Click Download Course beneath the course description to begin downloading the course to the app.

If your browser displays a pop-up asking your permission to open the desktop app, click Open Pluralsight. The app will open and your course will begin downloading.

Removing courses

From the course details page

  1. Find the course in the desktop app.
  2. On the course details page, click Downloaded.
  3. Click Remove download.
  4. On the pop-up that appears asking you to confirm your choice, click Remove download.

From the Downloads page

  1. Click Downloads in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Edit in the top-right corner.
  3. Click the red minus sign to the left of the course or module you want to remove.
  4. Click Delete to the right of the course you want to remove. Or, click Remove all and then click Delete on the pop-up that appears to remove all downloaded content at once.

Note: If you watch a downloaded course on the desktop app without an internet connection, you must reopen the app once your device is connected to the internet to sync your course progress with your account. Do this before removing a downloaded course to ensure your progress is recorded.

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Watching video courses

To watch a course, go to the course details page and click the play button on the course thumbnail. You can also click to watch a particular module or clip within the Contents tab of the course details page.

The video player in the desktop app includes closed captions where available, options to adjust the playback speed, and 10-second back or forward interval skips. If a learning check is available, you’ll see the Take a learning check button beneath the course description.

You can also enable Float on Top, which places the video player on top of all your other windows and continues the course in the corner of your screen even if the desktop app is minimized. Once you’ve started playing a course or clip, click the button in the lower right corner of the video player to enable Float on Top. Click the button again to put the player back in the app window.

Note: Auto-play is enabled by default in the desktop app and cannot be changed at this time.

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Viewing your profile

To view your profile, click the View profile link next to your avatar in the bottom left corner of the desktop app. From your profile, you can view:

  • Your interests
  • Your Stack up scores
  • Your badges and Trophy case
  • Skill IQs you’ve taken
  • Completed courses
  • Any authors you’ve followed

View your profile in a browser to personalize your profile and set privacy controls.

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Managing channels

To view all your channels, click Channels in the left-hand menu or scroll down to the Channels carousel on the Home page of the desktop app. If you’re part of a team plan, you’ll also see company-wide channels on the Channels page.

You can add to or remove content from channels and create, leave, or delete channels within the desktop app.

Adding a course to a channel

To add a course to a channel, go to the course details page and click Add to channel. This will pull up a list of channels you have permission to edit. Click an existing channel to add the course, or tap the + to create a new channel to add the course to.

Removing content from a channel

To remove content from a channel you have permission to edit, open the channel, click the ••• options menu in the top right corner, and click Edit channel content. Click the red minus sign to the left of the course you want to remove, then click Remove. Click Done to confirm and finalize the deletion.

Creating a new channel

To create a new channel, open the Channels page and click the + button in the top right corner. Add a name and a description if desired, then click Save. The channel will then appear in the list of channels you can add courses to.

You can edit the channel’s name or description at any time from the ••• options menu of that channel.

Deleting or leaving a channel

To delete a channel you’ve created or leave a company channel, click the channel and then click the ••• options menu in the top right corner. Then click Delete or Leave channel.

Visit our channel articles to learn more about channels.

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Managing bookmarks

To bookmark a course, go to the course details page and click Bookmark above the channel description. Or to bookmark a course from a list of courses, click the ••• options menu to the right of the course and click Bookmark. You can unbookmark courses in the same way.

Tip: To bookmark individual modules within a course, go to the Contents tab of the course details page, click the ••• options menu next to the module, and click Bookmark.

To view all your bookmarked courses and modules, click Bookmarks in the left-hand menu. For more about bookmarks, see our bookmarks article.

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Playing Stack up

Stack up lets you test your skills by competing with your fellow Skills learners. Choose your topic, answer as many questions as you can correctly, and see how you stack up on weekly and all-time leaderboards.

To play Stack up on the desktop app, click Choose your topic on the Stack up banner on the Home page or your profile. Visit our Stack up article to learn how to play.

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Setting learning reminders

When you set a learning reminder on the desktop app, you’ll receive desktop notifications reminding you to watch video courses and continue towards your goals.

To set a learning reminder, click Settings on the left-hand menu, then click Reminder to learn. Toggle Reminder to learn notification to On.

Note: If your notification settings are disabled in the desktop app, you’ll be prompted to turn them on.

From here, you can decide what time of day to send yourself a notification and customize your daily notification schedule.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.