ACG course video console

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If you’re struggling to navigate your video console, or curious about the available features, we’ve broken them down for you below.

  1. Previous lesson/ up next
    You can easily move between courses by clicking the fast-forward or reverse icons at the top left of the video console.

  2. Collapse
    Collapse the navigation bar to enlarge the video screen.

  3. Rate this lesson
    Report lesson feedback or concerns by clicking the thumbs up/ thumbs down icons. Love the lesson? Hit us with a thumbs up. Have suggestions? Click the thumbs down and leave your feedback. User feedback is monitored carefully and helps our support teams prioritize updates.

  4. Resources
    Resources provide you with additional course content to supplement your lesson. A more extensive discussion on course and lab resources can be found in Lesson resources.

  5. Discussions
    The best way to ask questions or get guidance on a specific lesson/course is to click Ask a question. There are instructors, moderators, and expert peers to help you with your Cloud learning.

  6. Seek backward/ forward
    Use the seek buttons to skip forward or backward by 15 seconds. This allows you to repeat a concept you missed or skip a topic you already know.

  7. Settings
    The settings icon gives you more control over your video playback including playback speed, seek speed, and resolution quality.

  8. Subtitles
    Forgot your headphones at a coffee shop? No worries. The subtitles icon allows you to easily add in video text.

Note: Subtitles are currently only offered in English.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Click the SPACE bar to toggle between play and pause

  • Click the RIGHT arrow to skip forward

  • Click the LEFT arrow to skip backward

  • Click the UP arrow to increase the volume

  • Click the DOWN arrow to decrease the volume

  • Click M to toggle between mute and unmute

  • Click F to enter full screen mode

  • Click SHIFT+RIGHT to increase the video speed

  • Click SHIFT+LEFT to decrease the video speed

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