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Webhooks are an additional integration service available for most Git integrations. When enabled, webhooks help Flow keep your pull requests (PR) and ticket and issue data updated more frequently. If this service is not enabled, your PR and ticket project data updates every three to four hours.

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Note: Updates for organizations with large repos will take longer.


Each Git host is different and there may be additional permissions needed to enable webhooks in your Flow account. Learn more about the necessary permissions for each git host integration.

When you are attempting to enable webhooks within your Flow account, pay attention to:

  • For GitHub, Flow maintains webhooks for Git host organizations only, not individual repos.
  • The service account used to establish the connection between Flow and the vendor must be the admin of the Git vendor organization or group.
  • At least one repo from the vendor org must be imported.

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Enabling webhooks

To enable webhooks, create an integration and give the service account the necessary permissions.

To enable webhooks:

  1. In the left navigation under Integrations, click Integrations.
  2. Click the integration you want to enable with webhooks.
  3. Find the Webhooks tab.
  4. Click Enable Webhooks
  5. If you have the required permissions, your repos or Git organizations will appear in a list in the Webhooks tab. Click Install for each integration you'd like to install the webhooks for.

    Use the dropdown menu to install webhooks for multiple repos or organizations at once.

  6. A check mark appears in the Installed column when your webhooks are enabled.

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If you do not see any repos or organizations listed in the Webhooks tab of your integration, you may need to upgrade your permissions.

You will see a notification if a permissions adjustment is needed. Click Update now to adjust your permissions.

Depending on your Git host, the next steps may vary. In some cases you may need to request additional permissions from a Git host admin.

For GitHub, a pop-up appears asking you to update your permissions.

You may need to make some adjustments within your Git host or to your personal access token before continuing. Once you have made those changes, click Refresh all projects for the specific integration you're looking at. After changing the permissions, navigate to the Webhooks tab to see what repos or organizations are available.

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