What happens when I leave a group plan?

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What can I access?

When you leave a Pluralsight Skills group plan, you’ll keep a history of your courses you’ve watched and certificates of completion.  You can take & view skill assessments and Role IQ. Also, you have the ability to view & create channels, view a limited number of free courses, and take notes in Skills.

How do I sign in? 

Your sign-in information stays the same. If you signed in with a SSO from a group plan, then you would need to reset your login information. Click the forgot password link and set a new password. 

While you’re on a group plan, only plan admins can change your primary email address -- but you can add additional email addresses. Here’s more about that.

Tip: Make sure your secondary email is a personal email in case the corporate email is not in use.  

Note: Any emails sent from Pluralsight will go to the primary email address.

How do I rejoin Pluralsight Skills as an individual or group plan member?

As an individual, go to pluralsight.com/pricing and choose a subscription level.

Joining a new group plan

A user can join a new group plan once their email is not associated with any other group accounts. Either you will need to cancel your subscription or use another email to join the group plan. Here’s more information on joining a group plan..

Note: Users can only have one subscription per email address.

If you’re a plan admin or team manager looking for what analytics you can see for removed users, click here.

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If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.