What can I do with my profile?

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See your learning and insights

Your profile gives you the ability to participate in any community you would like by showing your Pluralsight Skills accomplishments, including a Gravatar, courses you're working on, and courses you've completed, and Skill IQs you've earned. Want to share your Skill IQ? Click here to learn how!

You can see your profile here if you are logged into Pluralsight.

Add an avatar

Pluralsight uses Gravatar to host your profile icon. You may already have one if you have a WordPress account.

To add an avatar or profile icon to your account, visit your profile, then click Edit profile, then click Update Gravatar image. This link takes you to the Gravatar website. If you already have a Gravatar account under the same email address as your primary Pluralsight account email address, you can sign in and your avatar on Pluralsight will update with your Gravatar. Here's some help on updating your Gravatar.

Don't have a Gravatar associated with your Pluralsight account--for example, if you're using your company email address? Simply create a free Gravatar account using your company email address. 

Note: It may take up to a day for your updated Gravatar to appear on your Pluralsight profile. Click here to check that your Gravatar was successfully updated.

You have control over your profile's privacy

We understand the value of privacy, and at the same time, we understand that learning can be a big community-building activity. Your profile should be a showcase for your learning process and achievements, at least to the extent you would like to share. 

You have privacy controls on your profile, so you can choose to keep your profile completely private. 

You can also choose to share segments of your profile by clicking the eye icon next to each section of your profile. When the eye icon has a line through it, that section of your profile is private.

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