What is Flow exactly?

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Pluralsight Flow is a highly customizable software engineering analytics platform that provides concrete data and insights into your software delivery process. Configure Flow to provide the data you need for your unique business practices. Use Flow’s data to discover how you can evolve your workflow to create and support healthy work patterns. 

How does Flow work?

Flow connects to githosts like Gitlab and ticket vendors like Jira to pull in data and visualize it in reports. Flow pulls data from solutions across the software development life cycle and gives you data that reflects the real work your teams and individual engineers are doing. Flow visualizes your data across reports so you can understand where teams get stuck, who might need guidance, which practices are going well, and how you are progressing toward your goals. 

Engineering leaders use Flow’s data to:

  • Get on the same page with engineers during 1:1’s. 
  • Visualize your workflow and analyze work efficiency.
  • Gain deeper insights into how teams really work during a sprint. 
  • Better understand your teams’ needs and bottlenecks.
  • See where you can improve your practices in ways that work best for your team.

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