What is Flow exactly?

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Engineering leaders face growing pressure to improve and communicate the performance of their organizations. But the complexity of modern software development makes that difficult.

Pluralsight Flow helps engineering leaders transform their organizations to increase visibility, efficiency, and predictability. In addition to rich value stream data, Flow brings a proven transformation approach, deep process and talent resources, and an experienced team.

Since 2014, hundreds of leading development organizations have engaged Flow as their transformation partner. 

How does Flow work?

Flow connects to git hosts like GitLab and ticket vendors like Jira to ingest data and visualize it in reports. Flow uses data from solutions across the software development lifecycle to reflect the real work your teams and individual engineers are doing. Flow helps you understand where teams get stuck, who might need guidance, which practices are going well, and how you're progressing toward your goals. 

Engineering leaders use Flow’s data to:

  • Get on the same page with engineers during 1:1’s. 
  • Visualize your workflow and analyze work efficiency.
  • Gain deeper insights into how teams really work during a sprint. 
  • Better understand your teams’ needs and bottlenecks.
  • See where you can improve your practices in ways that work best for your team.

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