Personalized skill analysis

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If you're a team manager or plan admin of an Enterprise group plan, personalized skill analysis can help guide development across your organization to address gaps in skills

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What is personalized skill analysis?

Available to Enterprise group plan managers and admins as well as individual learners on all plans, personalized skill analysis gives insight into your own or your teams' strengths and gaps by topic - making it easier to identify areas for skill development.

Personalized skill analysis changes based on retaking a assessment is key to tracking improvement.

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How can personalized skill analysis add value to my teams' learning?

If you're on an Enterprise group plan, personalized skill analysis gives you insight into gaps within your team and can enable you to:

  • Create individual learning plans for individuals on your plan through the use of channels.
  • Understand the strengths and gaps on your team.
  • Focus individual learn on specific topics within a skill.
  • Help learners on your team discover new concepts to skill up on.

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How do I get my personalized skill analysis?

In order to populate a personalized skill analysis, you must do two things:

  1. Take a skill assessment.
  2. Get a Proficient or Expert proficiency level for that assessment (over a 101 Skill IQ).

Once both of these steps are complete, your personalized skill analysis is ready for you. If you receive a Novice proficiency, don't worry! You can re-take an assessment in order to check if your proficiency level has improved.

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Where can I find my personalized skill analysis?

To find your personalized skill analysis, visit your profile page in the Skill IQs area. Click one of the topics you're Proficient or Expert in. This will populate your Skill IQ details page which includes your personalized skill analysis. See example below:

Your personalized skill analysis helps you assess where your strengths and gaps are within a particular skill. You can focus on closing your skill gaps by finding recommended learning content by clicking on the specific gaps or checking out the recommendations below. Once you've closed those gaps, you can retake an assessment to see if you've gained proficiency.

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Where can I find my teams personalized skill analysis?

If a learner on your team has already taken an assessment and received a Proficient or Expert proficiency level, team managers and plan admins you can find their personalized skill analysis in a two areas. 

Note: You will not be able to see personalized content recommendations for learners on your team.

From the Skills Analytics tab: Click the Analytics tab in the left-pane navigation, then click the Skills tab at the top of the page. Click a skill see the listing of learners. Clicking someone's name with either a Proficient or Expert skill level will load their Skill IQ details page and include their personalized skill analysis.

From the Organization tab: Click the Organization tab in the left-pane navigation. Click a specific learner or filter to find a name or email to find their Skills section. Click on a skill they are either Proficient or Expert in to see their Skill IQ details page which includes their personalized skill analysis.

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