What's my role?

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As a Pluralsight Skills user, your role may be that of a learner, a team manager, or a plan admin. Or you may wear multiple hats, such as managing a team while also being a learner. Let’s see if we can simplify things.

Who can use this?


What are the different types of Skills users?


As a learner, you have a Skills license (either as an individual subscription or as part of a team plan) allowing you to complete courses and develop your tech skills. Your use of Pluralsight helps you succeed.

Team manager

As a team manager on a team plan, you can view the learners assigned to you and their analytics. Your use of Pluralsight helps your team succeed.

Your plan admin may grant you one of three access levels: basic, limited, or full. See Setting permission levels for more information.

Plan admin

As a plan admin on a team plan, you have full access to invite learners, team managers, and other plan admins. You can organize learners into teams and set team managers. And you have full access to analytics. Your use of Pluralsight helps your organization succeed.

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What features are available to my role?

Throughout the Help Center, you'll see "Who can use this?" charts at the top of—and sometimes sprinkled throughout—many of the articles, like the one at the top of this article. Find your role (learner, team manager, or plan admin) and your plan type (personal subscription or team plan) to see if the feature in the article applies to you.

Not familiar with one of the terms or abbreviations in the chart? No worries. Just hover your mouse over the term (or tap the term on a mobile device) for a pop-up definition and links for additional reading.

Remember that if you wear multiple hats (e.g., plan admin who also has a learner license), a checkmark in any of the rows corresponding to your roles indicates that the feature applies to you.

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