Which courses are included with the Visual Studio benefit?

If you redeemed your Visual Studio Enterprise or Professional benefit on November 15, 2017 or later, you should have received an email offer for 10% off your first year of a Pluralsight annual subscription, which would give you full access to over 6,000 expert-led courses.

You can redeem the 10% annual discount once, within 3 months of your full-library benefit expiring. If you choose not to redeem it, you can still claim access a Microsoft-curated course offering tailored to one of three roles: App Development on the Cloud, AI Machine Learning Data Science, or DevOps on the Cloud. Check your email for how to redeem them, or contact support@pluralsight.com for assistance. 

What do I get in each curated course offering?

App Development on the Cloud

AI, Machine Learning, & Data Science

DevOps on the Cloud