Which courses are included with the Visual Studio benefit?

In order to ensure that the courses offered are fresh and relevant, the list of courses will be refreshed from time to time. This page will be updated in early 2018.

If you redeemed your benefit before November 15, 2017, the following courses are included:

Course Name

VS Professional
  (54 courses)

VS Enterprise  (PS Full Access)

Full Access to all Pluralsight courses

Microsoft Azure Security - Getting Started

Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking

Mastering Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

Microsoft Hybrid Identity – Overview

Microsoft Azure Architecture - Getting Started

Planning and Designing Microsoft Azure Compute Solutions

Automating Deployment and Scale of Azure IaaS Solutions

Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers - Cloud Patterns and Architecture

Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers - Building Secure Services and Applications

ASP.NET Core Fundamentals

ASP.NET Core Razor Deep Dive

Getting Started with .NET Core for Windows Developers

Building a Web App with ASP.NET Core, MVC 6, EF Core, and Angular

Building Your First API with ASP.NET Core

Implementing and Securing an API with ASP.NET Core

Building Your First ASP.NET Core Web Application

Tactical Design Patterns in .NET: Creating Objects

Become a Full-stack .NET Developer 

Become a Full-stack .NET Developer - Architecture and Testing

Become a Full-stack .NET Developer - Advanced Topics

Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with TFS and Visual Studio 2015

DevOps Skills for Developers with Visual Studio & TFS 2015

End-to-end Software Development with Team Foundation Server 2015

Hadoop for .NET Developers

Applying SQL Server 2016 Features to Real-world data problems

Data Science with R 

SQL Server 2016 New Features for Developers

Introduction to Azure App Services

Building a Global App with Azure PaaS

Azure Functions Fundamentals

Getting started with Azure Machine Learning

Azure AD for Developers

Big Picture: SharePoint 2016 On-prem, Online, or Hybrid?

Provision and Configure Web Applications in SharePoint 2016

Write Less Code with Xamarin Designer

Building an MVVM-based Architecture for Xamarin Mobile Apps

Getting Started with Building Bots with Microsoft's Bot Framework

Cordova Apps Using Angular, Typescript, and VS Code

Security for Hackers and Developers: Overview

LINQ Fundamentals with C# 6.0

C# Best Practices: Collections and Generics 

C# Fundamentals with Visual Studio 2015

Effective C# Unit Testing for Enterprise Applications

Entity Framework Core: Getting Started

TypeScript Fundamentals

Angular 2: Getting Started

Angular 2 Fundamentals

Dynamic C# Fundamentals

Managing Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure - Getting Started

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines - Getting Started

Microsoft Azure IaaS Monitoring and Management - Getting Started

Developing with .NET on Microsoft Azure - Getting Started

Developing with Node.js on Microsoft Azure - Getting Started

Making Your C# Code More Object-oriented

This course list is as of July 23, 2017.