Why are there so many users?

Tags: Flow

Typically these users come in from open source libraries. Since we track the “origin user” of each line of code and look at all historical data, adding a 3rd party library will import those users too. However, they generally don't show up actively in the report views since the code tends to be in you historical data.

How to manage active vs. inactive contributors

  1. Starting on your Flow home page, go to the top navigation bar and click Settings. Using the left navigation under User Management, click Teams.
  2. Select the Recently active users team in the teams list. This team is a default team which can be enabled or disabled at any time. This will display only users who have contributed in the last 90 days and will give you a better read on current organizational users. 

Are you trying to get rid of unknown users on your current reports? You can exclude them from appearing on your reports so you only see your team. If you are curious what data is associated with these non-organization users, see our API Guide: how to locate unknown users in your data.

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