Why can't I redeem a code I received?

If you received a free code and cannot redeem the code, please look into the following possibilities.

  • Are you unsure where to go to redeem your code?
    • Please go to https://offers.pluralsight.com/offer/redeem to redeem your code
  • Do you have an existing subscription with Pluralsight Skills for the email you are trying to redeem the code under?
    • If so, you will have to turn off the auto renew on the account and wait for your subscription to expire.  Our offer codes are not meant to extend existing subscriptions.
  • Have you already redeemed the code?  
    • If you are unsure if you have redeemed the code already, please email support with the code you are trying to redeem.

If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.