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Work log provides detailed data on your team’s activity. It helps you review work patterns to improve culture and team health. Use filters to find specific data and view activity details for your team or a specific user.

If you’re a team lead, manager, or Scrum Master, use this data to view patterns in activity, gauge team performance, and spot opportunities for guidance.

Who can use this?


What can you do with Work log?

If you’re a team leader, you can:

  • View a user’s or team’s activity data.
  • Get an overview of where your team members are on their projects.
  • Understand a contributor’s typical work pattern and identify breaks in that pattern.
  • Understand typical work patterns for each role in your engineering organization. For example, a full-time developer, junior developer, senior developer, product manager, and QA may all have different work patterns.

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What is activity?

Activity includes code commits, merge commits, PR activity, PR comments, and ticket activity. Each activity corresponds to a separate row and color. Find the activity key below the Work log filter.

Unlike other ticket-based reports in Flow, ticket activity in Work log includes activity from ADO, GitHub, Rally, and Jira.

Important: Work log shows commits based on the viewer’s time zone, not the commit author’s time zone. This means commits could appear to be on different days depending on the time zone of who’s viewing the report. Find commits shown based on the commit author’s time zone in Team health insights. The total number of a user’s coding days may appear different between Work log and Team health insights because of time zone differences.

How do I find the data I need?

Work log has three ways to narrow and sort data:

  1. Use the top filter to sort and search by user and team; include or exclude nested teams; search and narrow by repo; and display or hide weekends.
  2. Use the sort filter to the left to filter activity by type; display activity by user, team, or repo; sort by name or activity level; and utilize custom filters.
  3. Click Previous Page and Next Page to move between weeks. Work log displays up to 20 records per page.

Work log includes outlier commits when viewing commit data. To see which commits are outliers, check the Outliers box in the Custom filter on the left. This displays outlier commits as outline-only activity nodes. The Outliers box is available once you enable advanced outlier detection settings.

Other reports, like Team health insights, don't include outlier commits in commit-based metrics. The total number of commits in those reports may be lower than those in Work log. To visualize which commits aren't contributing to your commit-based metrics, check the Outliers box to display outlier commits as empty circles.

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How do I view activity data?

Work log shows a high-level overview of weekly activities to help you spot patterns and trends within your users’ activity. It also offers a detailed view of daily activities to help you better understand how an engineer moves throughout their day.

View weekly activity data

To view weekly activity data, filter by user to see individuals and their activity. Hover over an activity node in the swimlane for an overview of that activity.

Click the activity node to open more details for that activity.

Code commit and Merge commit activity include the total lines of code affected, commit complexity, types of work included in the commit, and context analysis that shows you what went into a commit.

PR activity, PR comment, and ticket activity include additional information such as PR and ticket status, recent activity, date created, and time to first comment. The PR and ticket overviews provide additional PR details.

Note: Flow determines PR size by the PR’s total lines of code. Small PRs have fewer than 13 lines of code. Medium PRs have fewer than 151 lines of code. Large PRs have more than 151 lines of code.

To take a deeper look into workflows, click additional activity nodes to open them as new tabs in the details window. Click the X in the upper right corner or close each tab individually to exit the detailed view.

View daily activity for a user

After viewing data across teams, move to the daily view for a deeper look at an engineer's work for a specific day. Daily view helps you understand your engineers’ work without interrupting their focus. Use this view to spot patterns and understand how your engineers typically move through their day.

To view data for a specific day:

  1. Find the team, user, or repo you want to view.
  2. Hover over the small triangle in the lower right corner until you see a calendar icon.
  3. Click the calendar icon.

Use Weekly view for an overview of weekly activities. Click a day to view details in Daily activity and All activity. 

Daily activity shows activity throughout the selected day. Scroll to zoom in for an hourly view of the day’s activity. Click on an activity node to view it in the All activity timeline.

All activity provides more details about an activity, such as ticket title, ticket number, and comments. Click on an activity in All activity to view the comments.

Note: Activity size is scaled vertically instead of horizontally in this view, and activities may overlap each other until you zoom in. A white line around activity nodes indicates overlapping activities. Zoom in to view an hourly breakdown of those overlapping activities.

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