Lay the groundwork: Tech Foundations

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This article helps you plan for success, prepare your team, and ensure any technical requirements are addressed for a smooth launch of Pluralsight Tech Foundations. These steps will help set your team up for success to realize your organization's goals.

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Plan for success

Identify how Tech Foundations will help your team

First, discuss business objectives, success metrics, and timelines with your tech leader. Identify a person in your organization who can advocate for adopting Tech Foundations.

Some questions to get you started

  • Who in your organization is using Tech Foundations?
  • What specific tech topics do you want your team to be able to speak on?
  • Which topics are the most important to your organization? Are there any topics you want your organization to focus on later?

See the Pre-launch checklist for more questions to prepare you for launch.

Get even more help

Our ProServ team integrates you into your ecosystem, guides your skill development strategy, and helps you put that strategy in action. For more details about plans and pricing, see our ProServ page (opens in a new tab).

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Address technical requirements

Give these requirements to your organization's IT team to add Pluralsight's IP addresses and email domains to your allowlist. Why? If Pluralsight's IP addresses and email domains aren't on the allowlist, this can slow down or prevent your team from getting plan invites and important notifications.

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What's next

Pre-launch checklist. Make sure no steps get missed as you prepare for launch and get your team members excited for Tech Foundations.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.