What courses do I have access to with the ALC 4.0 program?

If you've registered and continued to qualify for access to the ALC 4.0 program, please click your track below to see what channels and courses you have access to. Channels are lists of the courses you have access to, grouped by topic. We’ll add more courses to these lists for each session, as the program continues.

Please click into each channel and click the orange Join button. This way, you can always come back to your channels.

To find the channels after you've joined them, click Channels in your navigation.

Note: You must join the channels if you're using the Pluralsight Android or iOS mobile app, otherwise you won't be able to find your channels. After joining each channel, you'll see them in the channels section of your Pluralsight mobile app homepage.

Click your track below, to see your courses.

In addition, all three tracks grant access to these two optional channels and courses:

Optional channel 1: Deep Dive on Foundations

Fourteen courses aimed to give you foundational proficiency in current technologies and topics such as Git, machine learning, SQL, data science, and cloud.

Optional channel 2: Business Professional Skills

6 paths, or curated collections of courses, on the following topics:

  • Communications for technologists
  • Upgrading your technology career
  • Being a technology manager
  • Introspection and mindfulness for technologists
  • Understanding DevOps
  • Using Microsoft Office 2016

As well as a link to the G Suite Learning Center.

Tip: Do you want to download courses to your laptop to play offline, instead of your phone? Here’s how to download courses faster.

First, download the MacOS or Windows offline player. Then, authorize your device following these directions.
Finally, click to each of your channels, and click on each course. You'll find a Download course text link on the course page.

If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.