How do I sign into your mobile apps with device authorization?

Any active user can use device authorization to make logging in to our Android and iOS mobile apps easier. Device authorization allows you to log in without entering your username and password on your mobile device. Once a device is authorized, changing your password won’t require your device to re-authenticate.  

Note: If you are on a group plan and you use SSO to sign in to Pluralsight, please use device authorization to sign in to our mobile apps. If you've tried device authorization and are still having issues logging in to our apps, please email

You can follow this process to use device authorization to access our mobile apps.

  1. Go to the app store on your device

  2. Search “Pluralsight”

  3. Download and install our app

  4. Launch our app

  5. Tap Sign in

    On Android: Tap Authorize Device on the app’s sign in screen

    On iOS: Tap Sign in with your company or school account on the app’s sign in screen 

  1. Log in to Pluralsight on a browser, then go to your Account page on the Devices tab. Enter the code generated in step 5 in the Devices tab.

This will log you in and allow you to use our mobile app.

Note: If you are on a group plan and your account was created based on a Single Sign On (SSO) process, please log in to Pluralsight on your browser through your SSO connection for step 6 of device authorization.

You can manage your devices anytime on your Account page. If you would like to remove a device from your authorized devices list, go to your Account page in your browser and click on the Devices tab. Next to the device you would like to remove from your authorized devices list, click Remove.

Important: Each device should only be authorized once. If you have a device that has been authorized multiple times, please remove duplicate authorizations.

 Please contact if you run into any issues or have any questions.

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.