Pre-launch checklist

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You’ve unlocked one powerful platform. Now it’s time to make sure your company has the most successful launch possible.

This list will help you make the most of the Skills platform and get your team members excited to build tech skills aligned to your organization’s most important goals.

Who can use this?



Prep for launch day

Deployment and technical considerations

Take advantage of Professional services

  • Kickstart your team's growth with the offerings available through Professional services (opens in new tab).
    • Use SSO to give plan users a single username and password, and provision licenses automatically.
    • Explore custom API reporting, user management API, custom data exports, and analytics tools.


  • Import employees into Skills or share a unique link.
    • Copy and paste your learners’ email addresses into the account via your dashboard. Or, generate a unique link to share with your learners to register instead. Once complete, your team members will receive an email invitation to Skills.
  • Get people excited to dive in.
    • Host an open house or lunch and learn to familiarize team members with the platform.
  • Stay organized.
  • Track progress.
    • Monitor usage, trends, and skill analytics through your dashboard and get more from reporting.

What's next

Invite your team. Educate and organize your teams, set your team managers, and invite your learners to the Skills platform.

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