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Now that you've prepared your team to succeed, it's time to educate and organize your teams, set your team managers, and invite your learners. See Invite your teams in the Skills' Admin success center for more information about organizing and nesting teams, creating teams and team managers, and showing your team how to use Skills.

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Introduce your teams to Tech Foundations

Introducing your teams to Tech Foundations is an important step in setting them up for success. Your executive sponsor can email your soon-to-be learners to show their support for the program or you can announce Tech Foundations in an all hands meeting or town hall event. When you invite your learners to Tech Foundations, they’ll already have a foundation of what the program is and why it’s important to your organization.

See Tech Foundations for more information about purchasing licenses.

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Invite learners

Before your learners can start digging into Tech Foundations topics, they need to be invited to the program. You can invite learners to use a Tech Foundations license exclusively or you can invite them to use both Tech Foundations and Skills. This process will differ depending on if they will use Tech Foundations as an add-on to Pluralsight Skills or if they will use Tech Foundations with a standalone license.

Accept an invite

Send this link to your team members to learn how to accept their invite.

Tip: For information about how to enable single sign-on (SSO) and inviting learners automatically using SSO, please contact Professional Services (opens in new tab).

Make sure all your licenses have been assigned and are being used. Learn how to monitor invitation acceptance to see which of your team members may need a gentle nudge. You can use invitation monitoring to create an email list to send your team the reminder they need.

See even more ways to engage learners in Encourage learning.

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Learning on the go

Encourage on-the-go learning within your team by highlighting our apps. Get the Pluralsight app for the following devices:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android phone and tablet
  • Windows and Mac
  • Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

To download the apps, visit our downloads page (opens in new tab). To learn more about the apps, see our articles on Apps and offline viewing.

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What's next

Leverage analytics. Learn how analytics can support growth and share the value of Tech Foundations with your team.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.