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On your dashboard, you may see a section called "Continue Your Study Plan". This section is there because an admin has added you to a Study Group.

Study groups

A study group is a group of fellow students at your organization who will be taking the same course as you and starting at the same time. Admins at your organization will set up these groups to allow you to see your progress next to others in your group so you can work as a team to complete the course and pass your exam.

Additionally, as part of a study group, you will receive a set of targeted emails and notifications guiding you through the course process—everything they should watch, do, and read that week to stay on target for your cohort’s course completion date./p>

If you are interested in being a part of a Study Group, reach out to the administrator at your organization to set you up in one.

Student dashboard

When you log in to your account, if you are part of a Study Group, you will see your own progress in the center of their dashboard where it says “Continue Your Study Plan”.

Clicking on “View Team Progress” allows you to see the progress of the other students in your cohort.

Below is an example of an email you would receive to help guide your progress through the course.

At the beginning of each week, you’ll receive these emails to prepare you for the week ahead, making your courses progress faster and more efficiently.

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