What features are available on Pluralsight's mobile apps?

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If you use the Android or iOS apps, you have access to paths, channels, and bookmarks from Pluralsight Skills.

Note: Mobile apps do not support our notes feature.

How do I follow a path?

From the home page, look for the paths pagewithin the app. Once you view any clip from any path either on the web browser or by searching in the app, paths will appear on the home page.

Visit our path article for more information about paths.

How do I bookmark courses?

Once you've found a course you want to bookmark, there will be a little bookmark icon on the page. Tap that icon in order to bookmark the course.

For more information on bookmarks, visit our bookmark article.  

How do I add courses to a channel?

To add a course to a channel, navigate to the desired course page and tap the three orange dots in the top right corner (iOS) or the three dots to the right of the download icon (Android). This will bring up a menu. You can click Add to channel. This will bring up a new page where you can add the course to an existing channel or create a new channel to add the course to.

Interested in learning more about channels? Visit our channel articles.

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