First steps with analytics

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With so much information available to you through analytics, it can seem overwhelming to get started. Let's start with the basics to set you up for success. Then we'll take it from there.

Who can use this?


Basic analytics

Usage analytics

The first crucial detail to look at when determining the success of your organization in Pluralsight Skills is Users & Usage analytics. This report gives you valuable information about engagement—like where your team members are spending their time and what they're accomplishing with Skills. More engagement means more success for your teams and organization.

The more learners are encouraged to spend time improving their skills, the better chance you have at fostering stellar tech skills within your organization. Make sure your employees feel supported to spend time within the platform and reward them for their skill development. Read Encourage learning for ideas.

Putting the data to work

These insights about usage can help shape your strategy for stimulating engagement within Skills. For example, if you notice the most active time of the week in Skills is on a Friday, send a message to your learners on Thursday, reminding them how tools like Paths or Skill IQ can help them quickly improve their knowledge. Doing this ensures your messaging and recommendations are still fresh in their minds when most learners are using Skills.

You can also use Users & Usage analytics to gauge the success of previously-sent emails or messages to see if they had an impact on usage. As you learn more about what motivates your users to hone their skills, you'll get more adept at creating successful engagement campaigns for your organization with less time spent on guessing what content will work best.

Content and skills inventory analytics

Once you understand how your organization is using Skills, you can use content analytics to understand what interests your learners the most. And you can discover what skills your learners have or need to develop with skills inventory analytics to accelerate your progress towards your strategic goals.

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Advanced analytics

If your plan includes advanced analytics, it can help you understand even more about your learners and how they’re using Skills.

Skills inventory analytics

After discovering how your learners are using Skills with basic analytics, learn how they're making progress by viewing advanced skills inventory analytics. This information can give you specifics on which assessments individuals on your team are taking, what your teams’ strongest and weakest skills are, and how their proficiency is trending over time.

This insight is invaluable when assigning team members to projects or finding candidates for mentoring opportunities. Learners who have reached expert proficiency can serve as mentors to novice learners interested in improving their tech skills quickly. Fostering this type of mentor relationship may help your learners make the leap from being passive learners—only watching content assigned to them—to productive learners—highly engaged and actively exploring new content on their own.

Channels analytics

Advanced channels analytics lets you dig into the data of how each learner is interacting with your company channels. You can use this data to create more impactful company channels aligned with your strategic goals. By learning which content within a channel gets the most attention, you can streamline channels into tidy, succinct collections that your learners are excited about.

You can also get insights into what channel length is most appealing to your learners. See if longer channels with more extensive subject coverage drive more engagement, or if shorter, more precise channels are more attractive. Then use this insight to customize your channels for maximum impact.

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Next steps

Explore how the other analytics experiences can help you monitor and guide your team’s growth.

Basic analyticsAdvanced analytics

Channels analytics: basic

Content analytics

Roles analytics: basic

Skills inventory analytics: basic

Tech Foundations

Users & Usage analytics

Channels analytics: advanced

Roles analytics: advanced

Skills inventory analytics: advanced

See which analytics experiences are included in your team plan.

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