Google Cloud certification practice exams

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Google offers official practice exams for each of their Cloud Certification exams:

Tip: The practice exams contain 20 questions. We recommend not to spend more than 45 minutes in this practice exam, as that's the same amount of time per question as the real exam. The practice exam won't show a timer as the real exams do, so be sure to time yourself!

Experience is different to taking the real exam. The questions are not from the official exam pool but they are representative of the real exam. For this reason, memorizing won't give you an edge, but it is helpful to become comfortable with the way the questions are worded and the topics that are covered.

The practice exam questions don't change every time you take it. It is only a pool of only 20 questions. The best way to use this resource is to take the practice exam a week before your official exam so you can understand what topics you need to review. If you feel like you didn't do well in the practice exam, you still have time to re-schedule your exam without incurring further fees.

A Cloud Guru now has a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Simulator!

From the course page, you can see the exam simulator option to the right.

Please read over the exam simulator information as it will prepare you for what to expect prior to starting it.

Take your exam simulator and be ready to pass your Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam! Please take the exam simulator as close as possible to the real exam settings; find a quiet spot where you will be uninterrupted!

Happy learning Cloud Gurus!

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