Google Cloud self-paced labs

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This article covers Google Cloud self-paced labs powered by Qwiklabs. For information on Pluralsight-created labs, please check this article.

For information on Qwiklabs found in Pluralsight Skills video courses, please check this article.

Who can use this?

Learners:  +++
+ Available as a plan add-on

What are Google Cloud labs?

Google Cloud labs, powered by Qwiklabs, provide access to real cloud environments helping learn cloud platforms and software.

These self-paced labs are stand-alone labs that don't require you to watch any video courses. They focus on teaching a skill over requiring you to complete a task.

These labs are anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes. Qwiklabs tracks your activity as you complete various parts of the lab. Read the Qwiklabs help article about Activity Tracking for more information.

For task-based Qwiklabs with associated video course content, check out the Qwiklabs found in Skills video courses.

If you have questions about the Qwiklabs platform, please contact For help using Skills, please contact

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Where can I find Google Cloud labs?

Find Google Cloud labs in the following areas on Skills:

  • From the labs index page.
  • On the Browse flyout menu under Spotlight.
  • Using the search feature.

Tip: You can tell which labs are Google Cloud labs by looking for the Google Cloud label on the labs, or going to the Google Cloud tab on the labs index page.

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Starting a Google Cloud lab

When you've found a Google Cloud lab you'd like to take, click on the title of the lab or the dropdown arrow on the right to see more information about the lab.

Once you've read the description, click Launch Google Cloud lab to start the lab experience.

The first time you go from Skills to Qwiklabs, you'll see a Qwiklabs redirect form, with your information already filled out. The email used to create your Qwiklabs account is your primary Pluralsight email address. If you'd like to adjust either your first or last name for your Qwiklabs account, you can do so at this point.

After accepting the Qwiklabs terms and conditions, you'll see a full-screen popup in a new tab with a video that introduces you to the Qwiklabs platform. 

Now you can set up the lab in Qwiklabs. To return to Skills, close the Qwiklabs tab containing the Google Cloud lab.

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Troubleshooting Google Cloud labs

If you get a message that your account is blocked, visit the Qwiklabs help article about blocked accounts.

If you're having trouble accessing Qwiklabs, visit the Qwiklabs help article about Qwiklabs on corporate computers.

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