Integration release notes: December 2023

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Note: In order to ensure the best experience for our customers, Pluralsight is implementing a phased rollout of the integration of the Pluralsight Skills and A Cloud Guru platforms. If the features described in this article aren't yet available on your plan, get excited, because great things are coming your way. Questions about what this means for your plan? Reach out to your Pluralsight contact.

Skills profile

Skills and ACG learners can now manage their profile in one place. The updated Skills profile highlights your usage, accomplishments, and activity on both Skills and ACG.

Note: If you run into an error when trying to access your Skills profile, it’s because you may have an individual account on one platform and an employer/business-provided account on the other that both use the same email address. Follow the instructions to update your email address.

Industry certifications

Now you can display certifications you’ve earned on the Industry certifications section of your Skills profile. Click Add certificate on your Profile page (opens in new tab) to get started. If you’ve added certifications on your ACG profile, they’ll appear here as well. See Adding industry certifications to your Skills profile for more information.

Add or update your avatar

We've made uploading an avatar easier than ever. Click your avatar on your Profile page (opens in new tab) to upload an image directly to Skills.

ACG learning activity

Your learning activity in ACG now appears in your Skills profile (opens in new tab) under Completed courses.

Learn more about what you can do with your Skills profile.

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ACG content in Skills search

When you search for content on Skills, you'll see relevant content from ACG’s course library in your results. Click the course name to open the course page in ACG.

Note: Paid plans are required for most course viewership. Course availability and features may change at Pluralsight’s discretion. Pluralsight does not guarantee the availability of all discussed features. Learn what you can access with a free individual ACG account.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.