Certification practice exams with CyberVista IT Training

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Pluralsight partners with CyberVista (formerly Kaplan IT Training) to help you prepare for your certifications within corresponding learning paths.

Who can use this?

Learners: +
+ Available as a plan add-on

Finding certification practice exams

  1. Log in to Pluralsight Skills and view our certification paths (opens in new tab).
  2. Click the Certifications tab.
  3. Open a certification path with the Practice exam icon.
  4. Click the Practice Now button on the right side of the path page to access CyberVista.
Cybervista practice exam

Note: CyberVista is not available on mobile devices or Pluralsight mobile apps.

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Common questions

Where can I access my test data?

You can view your exam session details in the CyberVista portal from the dashboard, under Exam Simulation.

Can my plan admin or team manager see my results?

Test details are only available to learners, so test data can only be viewed and saved by learners themselves. Plan admins and team managers can't see or export their team member's data.

I used to access Transcender. Can I access that data anywhere?

Transcender users can no longer access historical data as of March 16, 2018.

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