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What is Qwiklabs?

Note: This article covers Qwiklabs contained in Pluralsight Skills video courses. For information about Google Cloud self-paced labs powered by Qwiklabs, please check this article.

Owned by Google, Qwiklabs is a hands-on experience that grants temporary credentials to Google Cloud. You'll skill up learning and working in a real, production cloud environment – no simulations. 

Through our partnership with Google, all Pluralsight Skills learners with access to Google Cloud-authored courses can access the Qwiklabs included in those Google Cloud courses, regardless of subscription level.

Your Pluralsight account doesn't have information about the Qwiklabs modules you complete. Plan admins for learners in business plans can't see how much their learners use Qwiklabs.

These hands-on components help you apply the skills you learn in the video courses. They incorporate topics like Google Cloud Platform products, which are used and configured within Qwiklabs. Gain practical experience with the concepts explained throughout the modules.

Courses authored by Google Cloud may contain multiple labs. See a list of available in-course Qwiklabs here.

If you have questions about the Qwiklabs platform, please contact support@qwiklabs.com.

Accessing in-course Qwiklabs:

  1. Start learning with a Google Cloud-authored course.
  2. As you're watching a course, find clips with links to Qwiklabs modules associated with the course material. When you arrive at a link to a Qwiklab, click Open to access the Qwiklab. To continue the course without accessing the Qwiklab, click Skip.
  3. The first time you go from Skills to Qwiklabs, you'll arrive at a Qwiklabs Redirect form, with your information already filled out.
    The email used to create the account is your primary Pluralsight email. To adjust either your first or last name for your Qwiklabs account, you can do so here.
  4. Click Proceed to create a Qwiklabs account.
  5. After accepting the Qwiklabs Terms & Conditions, you’ll see a full-screen popup with a video that introduces you to Qwiklabs platform. Since you've already created an account, you can skip the video to 2:00 if you'd like, then follow along.
  6. Now set up the lab in Qwiklabs. You can return to Qwiklabs at any time by finding the link to the lab in its associated Pluralsight course.

To get an introduction to the Qwiklabs platform, log in to your Pluralsight account and check out this video clip.

If you get a message that your account is blocked, visit the Qwiklabs help article about blocked accounts.

If you're having trouble accessing Qwiklabs, visit the Qwiklabs help article about Qwiklabs on corporate computers.

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