Learn Google Cloud with Qwiklabs and Pluralsight

The Google Cloud partnership with Pluralsight is an exciting new program to educate aspiring Google Cloud developers. 

We’ve designed this program so you can build Google Cloud skills and prepare for the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam (ACE). 

What is Qwiklabs?

Owned by Google, Qwiklabs is a hands-on experience that grants temporary credentials to Google Cloud. Learners can learn and work in a real, production cloud environment – no simulations. 

Through our partnership with Google, all Pluralsight Skills learners with full library access can access Qwiklabs, regardless of subscription level: Personal, Premium, or business plan.

If you have questions about the Qwiklabs platform, please contact support@qwiklabs.com. For help using Pluralsight, please contact support@pluralsight.com.

Here’s how to access Qwiklabs:

  1. Start learning with one of the Google Cloud courses listed on this page:

  2. Within the course, there are links that point to Qwiklabs modules associated with the course material being covered. You can find these links in two areas:
    A. Look for the Lab title in each course’s table of contents. We’ll share the links on-screen during the Lab modules.
    B. On the course page, click the Exercise files tab. Download the file and open the PDF for clickable links in the format plrsig.ht/. You can trust these URLs.

  3. The first time you go from Skills to Qwiklabs, you will arrive at this form, with your information already filled out. Click Proceed to create a Qwiklabs account or continue to log in with an existing Qwiklabs account.
    Qwiklabs registration form

  4. After accepting the Qwiklabs Terms & Conditions, you’ll see a full-screen popup with a video that introduces you to Qwiklabs platform. You can skip the video to 2:00, then follow along.
  5. Success! Now you can set up the lab in Qwiklabs. You can return to Qwiklabs at any time using the plrsig.ht short URLs from the Google Cloud-authored courses within Skills.


Q. Does my Pluralsight account or Skills history have any information about the Qwiklabs modules I complete? As a plan admin, can I see how much my learners use Qwiklabs?

A. No, Qwiklabs data stays on that platform. The data doesn’t get passed back to Skills.

Q. I deleted my Qwiklabs account. How do I get access back?

A. Please contact us using the link below so we can assist you.

If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.